What if I don’t have much experience running or walking:  MBRR caters for every type of runner or walker. Our coaches will help you achieve your goals

What if I am an experienced runner: The club boasts members of all speeds and abilities. We can help you increase your speed with other members of similar speeds to push you that bit further

What sort of distances do you run/walk: The club participates & trains for many events of varying formats & distance around South East Queensland including: 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathons, ultra’s, trail running, triathlon. Weekly distances will change depending on your goals.

What if I just want to walk or run socially: Many members of Moreton Bay Road Runners run and walk for social enjoyment.

Do I need to sign up to events: No, you can join the club to purely enjoy running or walking with a similar minded individuals

Am I covered by insurance: MBRR is affiliated with Queensland Athletics and are covered by QA members policies

Can I try the club first: Potential members are invited to participate in 2 organised activities before joining the club.

When does the club run: The club generally meets on Tuesday & Thursday evenings around the Redcliffe Peninsula, as well as Saturday & Sunday mornings from the Redcliffe Jetty. Other training sessions are also available. For further information regarding the planned runs click here (contact form)

Do club members participate in any other form of training: Several club members train in other forms of training (eg. Cycling/swimming). Training with peers in other disciplines is a great motivation. QA insurance is only applicable to running activities directly with the club.   Members are encouraged to ensure they personally have appropriate cover for other activities